Australia Brush Fires and How We Can Help

Australia Brush Fires and How We Can Help

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After speaking with one of our customers from Australia,  it is truly saddening to see the devastation caused by the Australian brush fires that have been spreading rampantly since October.  Nearly 18 million acres of land have been burned—most of that being forests and national parks, home of the beautifully unique wildlife native to Australia.  An estimated half a billion animal life will be lost.  


These fires will have a longterm impact on native Australian wildlife—in addition to their population size being drastically lower, their habitats will effectively be gone—no more trees or greenery, no food sources, no shelter.  81% of species in Australia are only in Australia, so it is crucial that we do all we can to save these animals. 


In addition to the wildlife, people are affected as well.  Thousands of people are left homeless as fires have destroyed over 2,000 homes and many, especially in more rural areas, are without electricity and drinking water.  As the fires rage on, another serious effect is the air quality.  To understand the magnitude, air quality index readings over 200 are considered hazardous, and one city last week peaked at 7,700.  7,700!



I am including links below where you can donate to help.  If you cannot donate, please consider sharing with your friends and family to raise awareness. 


Australian Red Cross 

Your donation here helps fund emergency assistance in evacuation centers, volunteer training and expenses, disaster preparation, and recovery programs.



The St. Vincent de Paul Society

Your donation here helps people who need emergency housing, food, and pay any unexpected expenses



WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service)

Your donation here helps in the rehabilitation of Australian wildlife.  WIRES helps rescue native animals that are sick, injured, or orphaned.


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Your donation here will provide emergency funds to care for injured wildlife and after the fires are over, restore their forest homes.

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