July 9 update:  A HUGE thank you to you all for helping us raise $588!  We have rounded up the amount so that we could give each cause a $300 donation.  Below are the donation receipts.  I will check back on Sunday evening (6/14) and donate monies raised from the BLM vinyls and die cuts sold this week.


It is absolutely devastating to learn about the despicable injustice that has been happening toward Black people for hundreds of years and continues to happen to this very day.  Right now is the time for us non-Blacks to reach out to the Black community in support, acknowledgement, and be ready to fight their battles with them.  

Will Smith said, "Racism isn't getting worse, it's being recorded."  Ahmaud Arbery was killed in February by three white men while he was jogging in their neighborhood.  This was a confirmed act of racist murder because it was video taped.  George Floyd was killed by four police officers that had him pinned to the ground for almost 9 minutes--unable to breathe and ultimately died.  This was another confirmed act of racist murder because it was video taped.  How many other stories like this are out there?  That weren't recorded?  How many times have white people lied, claiming self-defense, when in fact their actions were made out of racism?  


100% of the proceeds made from the sales of our Black Lives Matter vinyls and die cut will be donated to both Breonna Taylor's GoFundMe page and Know Your Rights Camp (50/50 split donation).  I will update this blog post with photo receipts of donations made.  


It's one thing to be murdered on the street by a police officer, but it is an entirely more disgusting, vile thing to be murdered IN YOUR OWN HOME.  This is what happened to Breonna.  Police officers broke into her apartment with a no-knock search warrant at 1 am, where Breonna and her boyfriend were sleeping in their bedroom.  Startled and awoken from the sounds of people breaking into their home, Breonna boyfriend acted in self defense and pulled out his gun.  The police officers responded by shooting Breonna 8 times and ultimately killing her.  The police had entered the wrong apartment.  In fact, the actual suspect they were looking for had already been arrested.  There was NO reason the police should have been there at all.  If Breonna and her boyfriend were white, would this have happened the same way?  No.  The police officers responsible have not been charged, and that needs to change. 

Below I am providing links to petitions you can sign, as well as people to contact.



Justice for Breonna petition

Fight for Breonna petition

Justice for Bre petition

Stand with Breonna petition



Louisville KY Mayor Greg Fisher

Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Birthday for Breonna birthday card campaign



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Australia Brush Fires and How We Can Help

Australia Brush Fires and How We Can Help

Black Friday Sale Details

Black Friday Sale Details

We Raised $588!

We Raised $588!


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