New Shipping Rates

If you've made a purchase within the last week or so, you may have noticed a change in shipping cost.  Last week, the new 2019 USPS rates went into effect and the cost to ship a domestic first class package now varies by zone.  This means that shipping costs will vary depending on how far the package will travel to get to you.  Shipping costs (domestic) will now vary from about $3.00 to $3.60, depending on location and weight.  

International first class shipping will see a slight increase as well, ranging from about $9.80 to about $14.  Because International First Class Package rates are so high, we have begun offering a $3 untracked, stamped envelope option for most orders (excludes sticky notes and charms).  If you decide to opt for this inexpensive option, please remember that your order will not ship in a sturdy, cardboard mailer.  The untracked, stamped envelope option is included in our free shipping promotion (free shipping on orders $25 with code FREESHIP).

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