Black Lives Matter Vinyl 100% PROCEEDS DONATED
Black Lives Matter Vinyl 100% PROCEEDS DONATED
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Black Lives Matter Vinyl 100% PROCEEDS DONATED

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  • available in black or white (if placing on window, we recommend opting for white for higher visibility on tinted windows)
  • original hand-drawn artwork
  • dimensions: approx. 3” small, and 5" large

How to place a vinyl sticker:

Placing a vinyl can be tricky, so patience is key.  All of our vinyls come with a layer of clear transfer tape over the top, that’ll help you place your vinyl on any smooth, nonporous surface of your choosing.  You’ll want to lay the vinyl on a flat surface first, and use a straight, stiff edge (credit card works perfectly)  to smooth over the transfer tape and help it stick to the vinyl.  Next, flip your vinyl over so the transfer tape is facing down, and carefully peel away the backing of the vinyl, revealing the adhesive.  If your vinyl isn’t coming off, simply lay the backing back down and smooth over with your credit card again.  Once the vinyl is completely on the transfer tape, carefully place it on your item and press firmly.  Lastly, carefully pull away the transfer tape and voila!  All done!  Please remember that once you place your vinyl down, it cannot be repositioned.  Vinyls are not dishwasher-safe.

Personal use only.  Colors may vary slightly due to your monitor settings.

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